Blissfully Bizarre

F21 bejeweled sweater //  Zara skirt// Urban Outfitters metallic tip flats// Bag 

Alternative Title Post: Bizarre & Bejeweled or Blissfully Bejeweled & Bad Quality.
 (Referring to the photo quality; but don't worry, lads! I'm working out that bitty problem.) 

This past 95+ degree Friday, to cover for MATTE MAG the pre-opening of a new art and comic book store in town, called: Mondo Bizarro,  I chose to wear my newest acquisition: a F21 bejeweled necklace sweater.  (Because when the heat is highly unbearable that's what we do in this island: wear suffocating clothes. Not to worry though, I managed to survive the night  sweater and all  and stay fresh; despite the horribly, humid weather.) 
I ended up pairing it with a white skirt and black, metallic tip flats. The top and the shoes give a more diverse and edgy touch, whilst the skirt conveys a more feminine vibe.  The bejeweled necklace simulation of the sweater constantly changes colors depending on the lighting, and I adore the subtle pink hues it displays. I must admit that this pastel pink trend is slowly sneaking its way into my heart,  but I like just that: how soft and muted it is. Anybody who truly knows me, can agree that I still very much prefer my darker or more less-pink pieces.
 Unless it's Wednesday, of course. 

Disclaimer for my interweb friends: You'll be seeing this sweater a whole lot. And stay tuned to MATTE MAG's blog, for my post about Mondo Bizarro!
Sincerely, Blanche xx

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