Déjà vu

Maybe it's just my wishful thinking that you guys, fellow bloggers and followers, haven't forgotten when I first started out Blanche Neve in 2010. At that time, I began  blogging thanks to a dear friend, this time I re-enter the "blogosphere" due to my need to word-vomit what's occurring in this mundane life of mine.With that being brought out to light, I feel that not much has drastically changed; even though three whole years have flown by. (Excluding, of course, the: bloggers are going to take over the world phase. Oh! And that now I actually know how to pronounce my blog's name.) 

It's already mid-September and Spring/Summer '14 is just around the, shadowy and gray-scaled, corners of Fall/Winter. I recall that one of my first posts was about me fangirling and admiring Chloe's SS'10 collection. The choice of creamy hues. The over-sized blazers. The touches of leather. Denim patch work on denim on denim looks. It goes without saying that that collection was faultless. Same goes for D&G's SS'11 RTW collection. I mean, who wouldn't want to float their way into spring/summer like a haute couture cloud? 

 Chloé SS'10 RTW
Dolce & Gabanna SS'11 RTW (Photos courtesy of Style.com)

Now, guessing that you guys aren't relatives of Patrick Star (don't confuse him with Rick), I bet you've seen this years spring/summer style tendencies, and a sense of "déjà vu" has been brought up into your mind. No, don't worry, you're not reliving your dreaded high school years or that summer you visited that creepy, distant aunt of yours. It's surely going to be 2014, but just as fashion always does: it's bringing up the past in the most pleasant of ways. You remember, you name it:  white hues, outfits decked in denim, florals ("'groundbreaking"),  clashing patterns; the list goes on and on. But, let's not jump into conclusions though, fashion season is still not over and a daring shift in the elements may occur and be 2014's IT trend. (Take note with: midriffs, midi skirts and the kinder, more gentle version of plaid.) 

Erdem SS'14//Michael Kors SS'14//DKNY SS'14  (Photos courtesy of Style.com)

With my first post coming towards the end, let me not leave without a message: Paris Fashion Week, we are anxiously awaiting for you to daze us with your timeless charm! 

Sincerely, Blanche! xx


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    1. Thanks for the positive feedback, Vanessa!
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