Rhymes with Time

HAIM should stand for: Harmonic. Amazing. Idyllic. Music; not to get confused with: Hear Astronauts In Mars. Don't get all hyped up though, in this case, it's ok if you don't know your acronyms, because HAIM solely compromises the last name of the amazing Fleetwood Mac esque, sister-act trio: Este, Danielle and Alana Haim

These Los Angeles based, on the rise gals are taking the world by storm and their album hasn't even been released! Days Are Gone is to be available on September 30, but that hasn't stopped them from being asked by Florence + The Machine or Mumford & Sons to tour with them, or even playing at this years Glastonbury musical festival. With their talent and humble familial start, HAIM has the impeccable, laid-back and edgy style to match. Mixing up: flowy maxi skirts with killer moto jackets, and your simple plain white tee. Not to mention, their flawless, bohemian long locks are the finishing touch to their every outfit.

Photos courtesy of Google Images

 Luckily,  my knowledge of this band didn't stay by simply gazing the cover of Foam Mag's July/August  music issue, and that a friend avidly recommended them. Needless to say, HAIM goes to my list of bands I would never come to see live.  (Not because I don't want to, but it seems that this island has a repellent of some sorts for worthy bands.)

Sincerely, Blanche. xx


  1. I love this song! - and yes I feel the Fleetwood Mac vibe, good stuff!

    1. Can't wait for their album to come out!