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Each and every month you regard with awe the cover of Vogue that arrives straight to your doorstep or that sits upon a shelf in your just-around-the-corner drugstore. Throughout 120 years, Vogue has had vital covers and editorials that have changed its direction, and have made a cultural impact with the way we see and perceive fashion today. Since its debut, a two way street has been forged between the reader and its most iconic fashion editors. A road where we are influenced by the magic of its pages, and they are influenced by how we project, through our street-style,  what our sight digests. So keeping that in mind, what do these editors truly do? (No, don't answer: "wear Prada" or "be the devil".)

In the first five minutes of this extraordinary documentary, we see that the whole coming-to-be is something that can't be easily explained. It's not this perfect, cookie cutter process, it's more about raw, gut feelings joint together to create THE fashion image. The whole 58 minutes of this film, highlights and goes: beyond our biased perception of the industry (thanks to the Devils Wears Prada), beyond Anna Wintour, and shows, just as Anna herself says, that: "They (the editors) have always been the secret weapon."  And indeed, these visionary women (Grace Coddignton, Polly Mellen, Babs Simpson, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele etc.) are their job.  Each captured still frame reflects how  they viewed the world that surrounded them and what they felt.
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Now that I have finished my rant, I think I obviously state that:  this HBO documentary/film is a must watch. It could even become your next fashion Bible (along side its book). 
A true glimpse of how this haute couture world looks through:  The Editors Eye. 

Sincerely, Blanche xx

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