Free People dress/ Zara heels 
("Oh-floor,-you're-so-enchanting.-Let-me-gaze-thoughtfully-at-your-pale-checkered-essence, blogger pose.) 

If you've read my last post, you'll know I assisted Ecliptica's S'14 show, so without further a due, I  present to you: my modest,slightly feeble shots of what I wore.
(Because an iPhone 5 can only do so much.) 
My mom always says to me: you can never go wrong with white for spring/summer. Now tell me: when are moms wrong? Exactly...never!  So, after this past fashion season, the color white has been imprinted  behind my eyelids and all I can think about are pale, fair and dulcet hues for my every outfit. ( Showing once again that my mom is secretly a stylist of some sorts, duh.) 
 Not coming off as a big surprise then, when I decided to slip on my lace-y, flow-y dream like Free People dress and channel my inner Rag &  Bone SS'14 model; going with the simple eye-makeup, but popping orange lipstick, because their was enough paleness in my ensemble.
(That and because simple eye-makeup is the only thing my allergies permit me to do upon my face.) And so, I tidied up my minimalist look with the most minimalist  heels I own. (Yep, you've seen them a vast number of times in the "blogosphere".) The one and only's: Shit Bloggers Wear: Minimal High Heeled Sandals.  
Throughout the whole night I was entirely inspired  to twirl around continuously and let my mermaid length hair fall awkwardly around my face whilst doing so. (Emphasis towards my hair, because it has been ages since it's been this long!)

P.S. See if you spot me on  Traffic-Chic's  video!

Sincerely, Blanche! xx


  1. You look beautiful !! :) nice dress ;)