Stuck In Between

A perfect ambiance to develop your personal style is living (or be willing to melt) in a Caribbean island which temperature ranges from 78-98 degrees all year round.The real challenge appears when you shop at this time of the year, because you're presented with a wide variety of options to  choose from.Commencing  with: "maybe if I wear this bulky, woolen sweater with shorts I will fool myself its 'sweater weather'"  and all the way up to: "full on heatstroke." Don't want to be involved in a sweat filled death? Here are some of my 'stuck in between' must haves.   

1. Basic white tee. 2. Boyfriend jeans (or your own ripped ones,  because you are a strong independent woman!3. Metallic oxfords 4. Embellished blazer 5. Midi skirt 6. Anything with plaid's more subtle cousin 7. Cut-off booties. 

Voilà!  With these garments, you'll interlace perfectly both fall/winter & spring/summer. Tomboy shoes, mixed with flowy skirts and lovey printed shirts for the daytime, and then pairing them with embellished blazers to face the night. Any variation of these pieces are perfect for a day- to-night gal who doesn't want to smother herself in her own sweat. It's important to keep in mind that you're not just buying pieces to be trendy; you want to score items that you can mix and match into various outfits and still  look like your stylish self. Always taking in mind my, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele's, motto: 
"Style has no seasons."

Sincerely, Blanche! xx


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    1. Thank you & thanks for passing by my blog! xx

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    1. Thanks, Marta! Lovely Monday to you too! xx

  3. Girl i'm loving your stuck in between must-haves! Especially those gold brogues and that white top. And while i do truly appreciate our four distinct seasons here on the east coast, i can't help but feel a little jealous about those yearlong temps your guys get :)


    1. Thanks,Hélène! These temps definitely have their pros & cons! xx