Consumerism Cleanse

It’s been a month since I arrived from NYC, and a whomping 4 whole months since I even considered blogging again. Yet my suitcases are still in tack, my closets are filled to the brim and I can’t escape this thought: why do I own so much crap? Of course I know the answer to that question: Hi, I’m Bianca Nieves and I’m an online shopping addict.
The consumerism gods know that I am sucker for sales, especially online sales. 30% off? Free shipping? You need not say more with your flashy online neon lights, internet! But this time around, as I stare into the “Proceed to Checkout” button I begin to ask myself: is this what I really want? What I really need? Quick review to the shoe boxes stacking up next to my book shelf, the clothes piled up on the chair and the clothes I’ve completely forgotten that I owned, I say: not today Satan, not today. My bank account proceeds to thank me and I pat myself on the back.
What happens next is a short lived existential crisis. Because think about it, we are constantly one scroll and/or click away from “look at the must have boots for this fall", “11 outfits that are really easy to obtain", and "buy this bar of chocolate, it will make you immortal if you rub it on your skin." Luckily, if you guys have a good memory, you’d probably recall that I always approach this dark side of the industry with a jokingly and nonchalant vibe. I mean, it is quite obvious that we live in a consumerism crazed world, but what is fashion without a good laugh at its flaws? I think we can all agree Leandra Medine has made that pretty clear, but sometimes it's still hard not fall prey to the enchanting allure of newness, and sadly, in some cases, acceptance. 
(Nothing against Who What Wear. I'm a sucker for their articles too.) 

That’s why I’ve decided to do a cleanse. (No, not a juice cleanse.) A buying cleanse. I have proposed myself not to purchase anything attire related until December. You can imagine I already broke my promise the first day of said proposition. Blame that on the Zara summer sale and the only loafers they had left in my size for $10. After that, the blame is all on me for not having enough will power at the ASOS Labor Day weekend sale.  I know, I know 3 strikes and I’m out. Hopefully, knowing that I only have one strike left for these next  3 months will help me pull through. 

Also, I'm quite excited to really appreciate my closet and find new ways of sporting some old pieces. Can't wait to actually go all "survival of the fittest" with everything I own ! No more what to wear, when to wear it, when it's out, what is in, and what not. Gonna trust my styling gut and live by Vivienne Westwood's words: 

 "Buy less, choose well." 

Take that capitalism! 

So, have you guys done a buying cleanse?  Would you ever do one? Let me know!
Sincerely, Bianca! xx 


  1. i really should live by the "buy less, choose well" rule. im an impulsive shopper haha


  2. i really should live by the "buy less, choose well" rule. im an impulsive shopper haha


  3. Me too love online shopping :) Have a nice Sunday from France, *-* Sand. *-*

  4. online sales really are tempting, I agree with the first commeter April, buy less, choose well is a great rule. Also, I always sleep on things before committing to buying them (sale purchases mainly). If i'm still thinking about the item a few days later I'll go back and get it. usually though I don't!!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  5. aww i love online shopping too!! nice review


  6. I love this idea! I completely agree in that we are always looking on to the next "trend", and while fashion is partly shaped around that, it's good to focus on what we already have. This was a great read!

    xo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com

  7. Oh, I'm on one RIGHT NOW. I spent my last shopping budget in Barcelona (Zara there is so damn cheap!) and I won't be buying anything until my trip to the States (and outlet mall) in February. This is an amazing thing, and think of the awesome feeling you'll have when you succeed (and can afford the super nice stuff in return) xx

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  8. Words of encouragement: it won't be as hard as you think. Due to financial circumstances, I haven't purchased very many new clothes at all this. As in, under 10 items. You think it will make you miserable, but once you start mix and matching what you own, you find a whole new appreciation for everything and the work your current wardrobe does for you. I feel like I really found myself by avoiding shopping and restyling what I already have and love. 9 months into my [almost] no-buy, and I'm really, really happy I've avoided shopping. I don't plan on starting back up anytime soon. So, my point is that you can do this and you'll be a lot happier for it!


  9. good luck on the shopping cleanse!!! I am a horrible impulse buyer and I realize that when I do not go on shopping websites or walk into stores when I am early for my gym class, I spend a lot less. or else... Usually walk out with a new bag. :/ good luck it may be hard but you can do it!!

    Winn | ♥
    winscribbles.blogspot.com | Instagram

  10. Good luck! I did a shopping cleanse from January to June and fared pretty well. With all the money I saved I was able to take a really long and luxurious vacation. I feel like if you set goals for yourself or at least saving goals you can do it!!

    Definitely agree with your last quote too! Invest in pieces that will last you forever :).

    The Style Boro

  11. I need to do a cleans…my closet is still out of control even though I donated clothing and gave some to my mom and best friend! It is so very difficult!!!! Great subject for a blog post…loved it!! xo

    adorn la femme

  12. I so feel like I need to do this, I too have pondered the idea of buying less but in doing so choosing pieces that are more efficient and will stand the test of time. Loved this post!x