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What better way to follow blanche neve's new train of thought, of exploring the differences within sameness, than by interviewing upcoming collage artist: Lillinette "Favielle" Díaz. Her carefully curated creations are slowly taking over Instagram one smile at a time, thanks to her ability of merging popular human figures with nature itself.  And so, I spoke to the Puerto Rican based artist about her fascination with flowers and how her collages have evolved.  

Let’s set out the facts, you are currently majoring in a multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree which has 3 different minors (Photojournalism, Journalism and International Relations), and that degree has a minor in itself that is Applied Math. Talk about a mouthful! All while being a freelance photographer, foreign language enthusiast and now an artist.

bn: What made you choose collages as your medium? Has this “educational journey” (to call it something) influenced said choice? 

F: I think what made me choose collages was the fact that I could get creative with the art of other people, and still make it my own. I’m not skilled in painting or drawing, nonetheless I found the opportunity to express myself through collages, and it was definitely an escape from the daily college chaos.

bn: At first you started off mixing and matching a lengthy amount of pictures, but now your collages revolve around emphasizing and/or complimenting renowned artists, historical figures and/or celebrities, why so?

F: Well, to be honest it wasn’t something I planned it just sort of happen… I started doing political figures from WWII and then I noticed how receptive people were being with the aesthetic of the collages and decided to keep doing it. It was easy to find inspiration and it was amazing to make collages for people I know and get a smile out of them.
bn: I can’t help but ask if there’s a connection between your choice of flowers/nature within your collages and one of your “online” names, being that on some social media outlets you used to go by lilliesfleurs*. If not, then why flowers?

F: Honestly, I always had a fascination with flowers and when I started doing this project I took advantage of my love for them and put it to work. I like using flowers because it represents a really sensitive side of each individual and even the most horrible person can look harmless for a second.

bn: Why you go by Favielle? 

F: Favielle is basically my middle name but with an "e", and I chose it 'cause it's really simple and easy to remember. Plus, you don't see a lot of "Favielles" out there.

bn: How long does it take to finish a piece, and what is your creative process like?

F: Usually it takes me like an hour to finish one (if I am inspired and not being a lazy potato) other times it could be days working on the same collage. My creative process consists in basically choosing the person that I want to do and then finding the perfect flower for that specific individual (this is the tricky part) since it has to be something that represents that person and exalts them, when that happens I can finish with the collage and the cycle begins again with the next one.

bn: Social media and the internet now play a pivotal role with artists and their work, since there’s no way you can escape self-promoting yourself within it.  In your case, your Instagram has made it possible for artist like Willow Smith to re-gram and promote you work.  What is your opinion about social media, and how do you react to this feedback?

F: For me social media is key to making visible the work of a new artist and help them grow and achieve confidence. Self-promotion has a bad reputation because it is so often associated with marketing or advertising, and we are programmed to think it's bad, but it actually can be good if your content is outstandingly useful and you are doing it for the people watching you art and not just for mere attention. The feedback I had in Instagram was amazing and I was shocked, I didn’t expect all that support and I am forever grateful.

bn: What other artist do you look up to?

F: I admire a lot of the Puerto Rican artists that are currently trying to expose their work like: Curvvy Shaypes, Kappa Mari, SoSo, Castorillo, Omar Banuchi, and a lot of more cool peeps. I also like Banksy and Sain Hoax a lot!

bn: What will be Favielle’s next step? 

F: I guess I want to see how far this project can go. I recently got accepted in Tintero’s Comic Festival and Independent Art of Puerto Rico, so probably by march I will be selling some merchandise and [I will try] to make my art accessible to people…I’ve been a really lucky gal for all the support I’ve been having and most likely you guys will be seeing more collages on your feed.

There you have it! Be sure to pass by (and follow) Favielle's Instagram account (@favielle) to see more of her art work! And if you have any special requests, don't be shy and send her an email to: lilliefleurs@gmail.com

Bianca Nieves! xx 

*Photos provided by the artist herself. Quote mashup and emphasis was my own. 

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